Possum Creek Media

Why Video?

Church SpecialSave 25%!!
Get 25% off our regular rates for church related video projects.  There is more good news!  We will tithe 10% of what we make doing your church video project back to your church!

Video is the ultimate medium.  When humans communicate we not only use words,  we use gestures, facial expressions, body language, vocal inflection and most importantly the eyes.  Written words do not always get the intended message across.  We can add pictures to the written word and get our point across a little better.  We can put our message on an audio CD and get voice inflection but no visuals.  However, the most powerful medium of all, Video, brings all of the above to our message.  Humans are not just audial creatures but visual as well.

Video allows us to present our messages in the most comprehensive way possible.

After many years in a business that is mostly secular and almost never glorifies God, Possum Creek Media founder, Wilson Smith, made the difficult decision to entrust his future to God.

As a result, not only is Possum Creek Media more affordable than other companies, but PCM only accepts clients and projects that are either informative such as documentaries and corporate training projects as well as church projects and other pieces that glorify God and the miracles HE works in people's lives.

Why we do it