Possum Creek Media

Post Production

When the shooting is all done it is time to create the end product.  That is when the Editor shines up every shot, balances the colors and light on the footage and insures the sound is consistent.

However, it doesn't stop there.  The Editor then removes the unneeded footage and begins cutting it together, adding letter graphics and effects (if needed) to form a professional program to the exacting specifications of the director or client.

Depending on the number of cameras and the quality of the audio and footage, postproduction can take several times longer to complete than the actual shoot.  For this reason we offer two pricing structures for postproduction editing:


Hourly: $40.00

Per Project:

$250.00 for 30 minutes of final product.

$400.00 for 31-60 minutes of final product.

$600.00 for 61-90 minutes of final product.