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Shannon collects owls and other trinkets that represent the mystical. She is head strong in nature and like money.  She is great at math and not a bad cook.  Shannon rarely drinks or smokes.  She does, however, enjoy a smoke after sex.  She enjoys marijuana every now and then.  When not around people  she doesn't know Shannon can curse like a sailor.

She tolerates people but loves children and animals even though she has neither.  She is kind to everyone and can act like quite the ham when in public.  People who know her are surprised by the differences in he public and private personas.  At home, Shannon dresses a little on the emo side and is very into kink.  She enjoys dressing for sex and other occasions.

Shannon lives with her current boyfriend, Kevin.   She loves him but refuses to marry him.  She expects Kevin to jump when she say to but he isn't always receptive to jumping.  It frustrates her that Kevin is such a fine craftsman but is usually not willing to fix things around the house because that is what he does all day at work.  Shannon rarely gets jealous of Kevin, but to fair, she hasn't always been the most trustworthy  in their relationship.

Shannon works as a waitress in a local diner.  She is not fond of her job but it is the only thing close by.  She is a hard worker but tends to do not go beyond her duties. 


Shannon Lyle


Female Lead: Shannon Lyle

Age: Mid-Thirties
Height: Average
Weight: (thin build)
Hair: Long, shoulder length, sandy brown?
Ethnic: Caucasian
Clothing: Working man Attire: Blue jeans, Boots.

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