Possum Creek Media

Male Lead: Kevin Posten

Age: Mid-Thirties
Height: Average
Weight: (thin build)
Hair: Long, shoulder length, sandy brown?
Ethnic: Caucasian
Clothing: Working man Attire: Blue jeans, Boots.

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Kevin likes to dabble in the dark arts.  A Rebellious nature guides Kevin through life.  He listens to Rock n Roll, smokes and  drinks once in a while and does occasionally smoke some marijuana. He curses a lot and doesn't care who hears him.

Kevin tries to be kind to everybody, however can be quite vengeful when people aren't kind to him.  He loves jokes whether dirty or clean and is usually very easy to get along with.  He likes the three stooges and love’s to play tricks on his friends.  Kevin can be emotional at times as he raised himself after his parents died when he was a teen,  He keeps a semi-clean house and yard.  He prefers cereal, TV dinners and restaurant food over a home cooked meal. 

His one true love, Shannon is the light of his life.  He wants badly to marry her but she is resistant to that idea.  He is extremely protective of her and worships the ground she walks on.  However, his independent streak keeps him from always doing what she says.  They live together and have no children.

He is a craftsman who works hard for his money and goes the extra mile for every customer of his handyman business.


Kevin Posten