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Bill Hays


Bill Hays is your typical good ole boy from Mississippi.  He gets along with everyone no matter their race color or creed.  Bill grew up with Kevin Posten, in fact when Kevin's parents passed away as a young teen, Bill's parents let Kevin stay in the spare room above their barn.

Bill battles with whether he is religious or not and tries on different churches almost as often as he buys a new ball cap, which is quite frequent.  Currently Bill attends The Church of the Forgiven in Possum Creek Mississippi. Although Bill considers himself a Christian, sometimes he dabbles in the dark arts with his best friend Kevin.

Bill loves to eat at greasy spoon restaurants and enjoys hanging out at bars looking listening to country music, drinking beer and looking for miss right, although he has a secret crush on another man's girlfriend.  Bill has very few friends and mostly only hangs out with Kevin.

He lives alone with his substantial gun collection and hates housework and yard work.  His prized possession is a beat up old pickup truck, whose cab is littered with Skoal cans and hunting magazines.


Supporting Lead: Bill Hays

Age: Mid-Thirties
Height: 5'9" to 6'2"
Weight: Not thin but not fat.
Hair: Short, no color preference

Ethnic: Caucasian
Clothing: "Country Boy" attire, jeans, ball cap, tennis shoes or boots.

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