Mrs. Ray: Age: 50ish.  Church lady and patron of Kevin's business.   Scenes 3,6,7 & 17

Old man:  Age 60-70s.  See description for Miss Bee

Church Boy: Age: 10ish.  Has a knack for flipping the bird at people.  Scenes 3 & 25

Church Woman: Age: Any.  Needs repenting.  Scenes 3 & 25

Lawnmower Man: Age: 40s-50s.  Owns a repair shop.  Not a nice guy.  Scene 16

Young Kevin:  Age: 10-12.  To fit the general look of Kevin.  Scenes 17 & 21

Young Bill:  Age: 10-12.  To fit the general description of Bill.  Scenes 17 & 21

Cop 1:  Male, Age: 40-50.  Small town police officer.  Scene 18

Cop2 (Shane): Male, Age: 25-35, Small town police officer.  Kind of an ass.  Scene 18

Thug 1:  Male, Race: Any  Age: 20ish.  Scene 19 flashback (Memphis)

Thugs (4-6 total):  Male & Female, Race: Any  Age: 20ish.  Scene 19 flashback (Memphis)

Waitress: Age 20's.  Pretty.  Scene 23

Bartender:  Male, 40s-50s.  Stocky.  Scene 23

Neighbor:  Male, 50's.  Blames others for his own downfalls.  Scenes 3 & 25

Teenage Girl: Age: 15-18, Pretty.  Scene 27

Teenage Boy: Age 15-18. Scene 27


Supporting Characters

The small Mississippi Town of Possum Creek is full of nice people and not so nice people.

Below is a list of some of each that are included in the film:  The Evoked

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